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Teaching artist, Dance Academy

Plan and implement dance instruction for students throughout the city.

The Chicago Lights Dance Academy supports learning and self-expression through dance
instruction for students throughout the city. The Chicago Lights Dance Academy offers three
core programs: in-school instruction and dance ensembles, Saturday classes, and a Summer
Dance Intensive. Through these programs’ students learn various dances styles and
corresponding technique, vocabulary, music, costuming, and choreography.

The Teaching Artist is responsible for the planning and implementation of dance instruction
across all Dance Academy programs within the scope and sequence set forth by Chicago Lights
Dance Academy.


• Instruct students in a manner that is interesting and keeps them engaged throughout
the class.
• Understand and implement Chicago Lights Lesson Plan.
• Travel and arrive on time at various locations throughout Chicago where programs are
• Currently classes are held Virtually, via Zoom and Google meets.
• Maintain constant and clear communication with Program Manager & Director.
• Attend end of session/end of school year performances.
• Maintain constant and clear communication with the teachers or coordinators at the
school or organization where the program is being facilitated.
• Maintain constant and clear communication with CLDA Program Manager to ensure
they are always aware of how the program is running.
• Complete forms and paperwork in a thorough and timely fashion.
• Attend meetings and workshops to complete the trainings as required by all Chicago
Lights Staff.
• Prepare materials in advance of classes for distributing to students
• Use e-mail as needed from personal computer.
• Provide trauma informed care to all, ensuring that program environments and
interactions are safe, inviting, and demonstrate best practice.•

• Use the S.P.I.R.I.T. principles of hospitality when interacting with visitors, guests,
members, and staff of Fourth Presbyterian Church and Chicago Lights.
• Attend staff meetings as required.
• It is impossible to convey every single task into one job description. As the role evolves
over time, this job description will be adjusted accordingly.


• Professional dance experience required; undergraduate degree recommended.
• Must have five or more years of performance and teaching experience in dance
• In addition to choreographic and improvisational skills, must have extensive knowledge
of a variety of dance styles.
• Must have experience working with children in various settings.
• Demonstrate ability to work within a multicultural environment.
• Excellent classroom management skills.
• Strong communication, presentation, and group management skills.
• Strong organizational skills, computer skills, and excellent writing and oral skills.
• Should be able to think quickly, creatively and adapt to new situations in a fast-paced
• Understanding of and commitment to providing trauma informed care
• Strong work ethic and judgment, apparent collaboration skills, and a commitment to
Chicago Lights’ mission
• Commitment to racial equity and social justice: Recognize the role of race, income, age,
immigration status, and other identities in shaping disparities, and work toward
amplifying community voices to advocate for equity. Recognize how your own identities
show up in the work, and welcome, reflect on, and act on feedback with an eye toward
continuous learning about race, ability, and other lines of difference.
• Collaborative leader with a management style that regularly includes others in decision-making.


 This is a seasonal, limited part-time position. The schedule will be determined by the
needs of the specific program and time of year. This could consist of but not limited to,
two to five classes per week between the hours of 8am to 4pm on Monday through

Requires occasional afternoon/evening hours.

In school residency and Saturday class programs align with the Chicago Public Schools
academic calendar and requires a commitment when school is in session. September –


Please send cover letters and resumes to Individuals with barriers to employment (under/un-employed, low-income, prior court involvement or other) are encouraged to apply. 

No phone calls, please.

Fourth Presbyterian Church and Chicago Lights are committed to equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons, without regard to race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status or familial status, veteran status, military status, source of income, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.